Coir pots-anyone else started seeds in them?

14 years ago

I started my okra in those new coir pots. My eggplants were already up and growing in peat pots which I hate, so I thought I'd try the coir.

The okra in the coir came up in 2 days, seems to be growing great in the coir pot. It holds the water nicely, unlike the peat pots which dry out in a day. Also the coir pot has not molded, unlike the peat pots which molded the day I seeded in them (regardless of good ventilation etc.).

Has anyone else planted seeds in them?

Also has anyone then transplanted them in the garden, after growing them in the coir pots to transplant size?

I need to know how well they work in the garden. (Peat pots have always been a pain to transplant with the tearing off the top, slitting the sides and removing the bottom- what's the point huh?)

But I'm already late to seed my cukes and zucchini under the lights, and I was going to do so in the coir pots... need some advice here please.

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