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alyssum mystery

12 years ago

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie here.

I am trying to grow alyssum in hanging basket. I started with basket inside the apartment house(near window)and its been a week since I have left the basket hanging out. There were 11 seedlings in 14" basket initially,but ever since I have hung them out in the balcony, there are few seedlings going missing. Morning I see the seedlings pulled out. Now I have only 4 left. Today I saw 2 seedlings pulled out(with leaves intact) and have planted them again - I don't know if they will make it - there was barely few mms of root.

I checked the basket at night for slugs/earwigs - nothing.. and I have kept 2 mouse traps outside. I have a feeling its birds. or squirrels?? any suggestions, please to stop this happening...

thanks for any input.

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