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Well, it happened, Rabbits ate ALL of my Burning Bushes

8 years ago

Ken, you called it. You said this would happen.

My husband is furious, and I am heartbroken. For all of you who think no one should have a Burning Bush because of invasiveness, please keep those thoughts, and your gleeful schadenfreude to yourself.

We did everything humanly possible to protect them. We had 7 foot fencing, 1 foot tall of heavy 2 stone all around the fencing to keep the rabbits from digging under.

But that didn't stop them. Not by a long shot. I can see their handy work. They dug huge holes way back from the fencing and tunneled all the way under to the shrubs. We had 4 feet of snow almost ALL winter. How did they do this?

My husband said he is done with this. Since 2009, in this particular planting spot, and it's right along the road which makes no sense, we have lost everything we've planted either due to voles, rabbits, sunscald and one year anthracnose.

They left my Golden Raintree, and Forsythias alone. If they had killed my GRT my little girl would be in tears. She loves that tree....

All our work, and all that fencing! OMG $500 in fencing and stone alone. Part of me can't help but be touched at the thought of baby bunnies being sustained by our bushes, during a horrible winter where they may be died otherwise. My dh is just done. He said he's embarrassed and what will the neighbors think. Which is funny because I'm usually the one who worries about those things, but this time he is. While we were outside glumly surveying the death and destruction, our next door neighbor was slowly walking by with his dog,and I felt the need to say something. I said the bunnies got us again and he laughed and said you need to find something they won't eat. Plant a maple like we have. We don't have to fence it or anything, the rabbits leave it alone..He looked like he genuinely felt bad for us.

Dh looked online and said there is absolutely nothing they won't eat. He was thinking of trying pine trees but now won't since he said bunnies will eat anything when desperate. He said it's either maples or a fence. Maples are cheap and grow like weeds.

Now I know why the only things out here are maples and conifers. NO ONE has bushes or flowers planted or anything.

If you got this far thanks for letting me vent. I've got pictures of the mess. When dh wakes up I'll have him add some. It looks like a giant Burning Bush graveyard. 11 shrubs murdered at the hands of bunnies...

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