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First year questions (with pic album!)

9 years ago

It's my first year growing anything, so I'm a total newbie. I started by selecting a few seeds for food that my family likes to eat, I ended up with:

Burpee Signature Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Organic
Burpee Signature Basil (Summerlong)
Burpee Tomato (Red Currant) Heirlooms
Burpee Signature Tomato (Right Bite Hybrid)
Burpee Signature Broccoli (Di Ciccio) Organic
Cook's Garden Stevia

Since I didn't know really what to do, I figured I'd try two different methods. I got one of those premade greenhouse kits with the expanding hockey puck thing in each cell. I also got the cheaper egg carton style packs and bought Miracle Gro Seed Starting MIx (sphagnum peat moss, perlite, and fert).

I set everything up, watered just enough to have it moist. The greenhouse got its lid, the packs got plastic wrap. Everything went on the fridge for about 3 days when I started getting sprouts in the greenhouse. Surprised, I quickly got together a light and put them all under it. I have not had to water the greenhouse at all but I do water the packs when the soil looks dry, about every 2-3 days.

Now about 2 weeks later, I'm surprised by the difference in growth between the two methods.

See my album here.

So I'm wondering, why the disparity?

Also, I know that I have too many seedlings in each cell - what do I do about that now? Do I just pick the biggest one and snip the rest off?

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