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10 years ago

Can someone in a colder winter zone then me tell me if Moonstone (HT) is winter tender or not?? I was out walking around the garden today (in the snow) and I noticed all the canes (5) on my Moonstone were black from top to bud union. I don't know if I just got a weak bush or if this variety just can't handle the cold. This would have been it's 3rd spring. It never impressed me all that much during the past 2 years. I grew it in Fl and it was a fantastic bush with big beautiful blooms all the time. I was kind of hoping I could get the same thing up here in Northeast GA. The ONLY HT I have lost to winter since I moved up here (2008) was a product of Moonstone, Falling In Love. It lasted 2 years. I think maybe it was trying to tell me something as it died. I know I haven't grown St. Patrick because of all the negative response's it has for being winter tender. I just never heard anything about Moonstone. Those who know, should I try again or not. I don't want to waste time and garden space on something that won't work for me.

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