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Hardening Off Issues.......Whats My Problem?!

16 years ago

Hi all! Boy i am having a hard time with hardening off my seedlings! I put these guys outside every morning in the sun. Then when it really gets cookin out there (70's temp), i move them over into the shade. I don't have any dappled sun out there, its full sun or full shade. When i move them over to the shade they start to go limp and fall over, not just leaning, but almost laying down all the way. So i try to rescue them dragging them back into the house, on the kitchen table (in full west window sun) they go, give em a spritz with the sprayer, & they start going back upright. I've been doing this same thing over & over for about 2 to 3 weeks. I have lost a few with this problem. I have been bottom watering trying to avoid "Damp Off" for quite some time. Does this sound like "Root Rot"? "Damp Off"? "Over Heated"? I don't get what my problem is.

What should i try to change? I'd really like to plant them out in a couple of weeks but i'm afraid they will die on me!

They are just comming out of "Transplant Shock" this week as it is, and starting to grow a bit more, but they are still small & leggy for as old as they are (about 2 months old now).

Thanks very much!


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