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Kerria Japonica - divide and transplant

14 years ago

I have a large Kerria that is outgrowing it's location. I don't know exactly what kind it is, as it was here when we bought the house 3 years ago.

It is approx. 8ft wide and 5ft tall. I definitely need to move this somewhere else. It seems to have suckers growing out from all sides and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I plan to divide it up into 6 or 8 smaller plants and make a border along the shaded perimeter of my yard, to serve as a privacy fence.

It is quite early in the season here and the plant seems to still be dormant. Will I kill it if I move it now? My ground is not frozen, I don't want to hurt this plant, but must move it to a place where it can grow as big as it wants to.

Any feedback or guidance is welcomed!!



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