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is it too late to start tomatoes from seed?

15 years ago

To all who would like to help a newbie out: (Zone 6)I have some unplanted tomato seeds, and would like to start it too late to start them inside, or should I just put them directly in the ground? (ps. anyone have any luck starting tomatoes in the ground?) Also, I have a few tomato plants already (big beef and cherry), and they are doing okay. Although on the big beefs some of the bottom leaves are starting to yellow slightly on the edges, and a few leaves seem "pinched" in some spots. But the newly emerging leaves are fine. The only thing that really alarms me about the beefs are they seem to be smaller than the cherry tomato plants. Is that right? Maybe water shock? I may have gotten a little gung ho with the water. Or possibly too much fertilizer? I tried to dilute it as much as I could. Anyway I plan to put them out by next weekend, is that too early to put transplants out? I realize my one question kinda turned into a few, but I guess I'm more of a newbie than I thought....Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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