Recommendation for Mother's day garden

8 years ago

Hi everyone...

A few years back, i placed an message in this forum and got some great recommendations for Rose plants to plant in a mother's day garden I was making.

The roses are growing great... I'm hoping to expand the garden a bit this year (family has grown) and looking for another recommendation or two. We live in Maryland, just south of Baltimore... Climate zone 7. I'm looking for very hardy plants that don't need a lot of upkeep or TLC. Also looking for plants that bloom all or most of the season. Bug and disease resistant is a must.

The place I'm planting them gets a lot of sun.. From early morning until late early evening.

So far.. I have the following:

Prairie Harvest (growing very well, like a weed - great plant)

Carefree Beauty (growing well)

And another that I don't remember the name of.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...



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