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Planting some flower and veggie seeds today... Q. & Advice Needed

17 years ago

Hello my Gardenweb Friends! I am just now getting into the spirit of planting some seeds. I wasn't going to do that until my 21yr old son told me he bought some veggie seeds and wanted to plant them. He has never shown interest in this before and it sort of motivated me to do the same thing.

Here in Michigan the nights have been cold the last week (a couple nights going down to the low 30s) but this next week it will only go down to the 40s and 60's near 70 some days. So, someone suggested I use a styrafoam cooler and make a greenhouse effect (plastic top) so the seedlings will be protected from the cold.

I'm planting Zinnia flower seeds (love them so much), about 4or5 varieties. I'm also planting these veggies:

Anaheim Chili Pepper


Cucumber (straight eight)

Onion (whie lisbon bunching)

Radish (Early Scarlet Globe)

still looking for some hot peppers to replace the ones that my son left outside in the rain. in their respective envelopes. and I wasn't sure they're still good. It has also been in the lower 30s the last couple of nights (around 34) so I'm not sure they'll germinate but thought we could give them a try:

Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax Pepper

Cayenne Long Slim Red pepper

and Rutgers Tomato

Someone told me to plant the radishes, onions, and broccoli outside now... and the others indoors, but can I plant the others outside also since they'll be in that styrafoam container?

AND, do I need some air holes in the bottom and in the plastic top???

I am using seed starter mix and wetting it down before I put it in the container and then sowing the seeds, putting the plastic on top.

I figure I'll have to watch them to make sure they don't bake in the sun during the day. Maybe I should mist them a couple times during the day with a water bottle?

Thanks for your help!


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