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broccoli and cauliflower dilemma...

11 years ago

Hey Folks,

Have started seeds previously with window light and it resulted in leggy little failures. This year I upgraded and got some shelves and installed some lights and tried to do it right. I have had great luck with tomatoes and peppers, zinnias, cabbage. All doing well. I had good germination on my broccoli and cauliflower and have potted them up to 4" pots (after some true leaves showed up). Here's my dilemma.

My cabbages look great, they are not as big yet since I started them a bit later but they have a nice looking habit right now. My broccoli and cauliflower are a different story. They emerge from the ground to where the seed leaves were and then they sort of take a 90 degree bend. They are alive and look otherwise healthy to me. I have attached a picture for your benefit...


I have looked at the greenhouse as well as at some google result images for broccoli seedlings and they usually seem to come right up, straight for the sky. What do you suggest to avoid my issue in the future? I had my lights nice and close (1-2 inches). I did not have any fans until yesterday so is air circulation the issue? I have them on my landing and have measured the's really consistently 65 degrees out there.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Can I pot up and plant them deeper to help them go straight for the sky?



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