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Tell me snails aren't so bad

14 years ago

I hate snails!

I bought 3 plants this spring and one of them must have had snails. I had them in the isolation tank and I cleaned them well and dipped them to kill the bugs... except that last piece of the forget-me-not. I rinsed it good but didn't dip it. Then 3 days later I found snails in the isolation tank. Today I killed 2 little brown snails in the stream.

Tell me the fish will eat them. Tell me they won't take over. Tell me they will die off over the winter. Tell me how to kill them off without emptying the pond. Tell me something good about snails... PLEASE!

Sure, the water will probably become crystal clear now... and all I will see are a billion snails covering the bottom of my pond, climbing up the sides and climbing out onto the rocks and eating my plants. YUCK! Did I mention I HATE snails?


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