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Starting seeds outside or inside?

14 years ago

Last time I planted lettuce directly in the garden, it rained and washed the seeds everywhere. I'd like the garden neater, so I want to transplant seedlings. I have some in the garden now and some hardening off. Ideally, I'd like to have two more goes, about two weeks apart, so I have a few heads ready every couple weeks.

Now that the weather is cooperating, do I start seeds outdoors in cells with starter mix, or do I still start them inside and harden them off after they get big enough? If I start them outside, do I do it with the dome on, or just act like they are in the garden even though they aren't? Or, I've heard that you can start them indoors them move them out before the first set of true leaves, without hardening them off. Does that work?

What would you do?

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