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Planting a Rose and Clematis Together

10 years ago

I am thinking of doing this but have never done it before.
I have a lovely little Super Jane that was doing well until deer predation. I decided to move it to a less vulnerable spot last fall. I potted it up but didn't get it replanted before the weather turned. It is sitting in my protected overwintering area where, BTW, it is doing well in spite of the terrible winter. (As an aside, my two California-born-and-bred roses have done better than all but several of the other new roses and that includes a couple Tennessee-born-and-bred roses! Who knew?)

I've heard that clematis isn't a favorite of deer and thought I might try growing the two together as a deer deterrent for the rose, although I know that if deer are hungry, all bets are off. Also, it's a look I really admire. I found a native called clematis versicolor. I really like the looks and manner of it. I think that it should grow here and would handle the same conditions as Super Jane.

I've never done this before. Any suggestions? Do I wait till one is established before planting the other? Which one? Does anyone have experience growing this rose and/or clematis?

Here is a link that might be useful: clematis versicolor

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