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Rescue of a morning dove fledgling

12 years ago

I was sitting on the swing relaxing when something in the pond caught my eye. It almost looked like a dead animal floating. Upon further investigation it was a morning dove fledgling that flew in the pond and, thank God, landed on one of my floating pond islands (thank you again Goodkarma for your ingenuity). It looked so bewildered.





I ran in the garage and grabbed the net. The poor thing was exhausted and didn't fight me when I stuck the net under it. As a matter of fact it walked right into the net. It stayed in the net for a good hour or so.


Worried parents watch from the fence and wire.



Mom and dad flew down to check on it, but then they left. It walked around the yard preening and fluffing it's feathers. The sun had already went down so there was nothing to help it dry. It tried to take flight a few times but only made it 6 inches off the ground. It was still damp when it settled down for the night laying in the grass. I took a box and gently guided into the bushes so it would have cover from night predators. I didn't see it this morning when I left for work around dawn. Hopefully the parents will return.


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