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Best placement for blackhaw viburnum?

17 years ago

We purchased a blackhaw viburnum "McKay Rouge" last fall, gorgeous fall color. We just planted it in the ground for the time being, this spring we intend to move it to its permanent location.

Which of these sites would be the best for this shrub?

1. Mulched area near our house. Good spot for a shrub attractive to birds (shelter, food.) Nice location to view fall color & birds. Some PJM rhododendrons in foreground. Must not sucker significantly in this spot. Desired shape for this spot, more upright than broad, or at least arching-vased shaped with low branches removed. Sunburst locust tree about 25 feet to SW.

2. Open spot further away from house, near chionanthus (fringe trees.) Not as close/visible from house. More room to spread if necessary, suckering would not be an issue, no trees nearby.

3. Other sites may be possible, I guess it depends mostly on things such as amount of suckering likely (ok in some areas, not in others) & shape/width/spacing it needs (for smaller plants near it, or trees partially overhanging it.)



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