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Still lost re hooking up filter to pump

13 years ago

I still need handholding to get everything right.

How do I know how much hose I need? How many of the other things do I need? Stainless steel clamps, yes, but how many do I need? Is there anything I can follow, step by step, online to hook this stuff up? My pond needs filtering BADLY.

How sad that I still don't quite get how to do it. Yes, I am one of those people who doesn't have a clue what's inside her car hood either. Thanks for your help, lovely ponders.

My info: it's a reincarnated small swimming pool. We've got a lovely electrical outlet built there. We have a Savio biofilter and a Hydrive pump, nothing in pond or even hooked up.

Would like to put the pump on a submerged table about 2-4 feet down.

Any advice? Thanks.

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