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Please recommend yellow or white rose for Deep South

11 years ago

I am doing a landscape plan for our new church building. I would love a recommendation for a yellow or white rose that is very low maintenance in the south and preferably repeat blooms. Anyone?

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  • brhgm
    11 years ago

    Carefree Sunshine, Sunny Knockout, Sunsprite and Graham Thomas are great yellows. Iceberg, Ducher, Whiteout and Icy Drift are great whites. Reds and Pinks tend to repeat better in the Summer than yellows.

  • mike_in_new_orleans
    11 years ago

    I have to say Graham Thomas was an absolute blackspot magnet for me in the Gulf South. I got rid of it after 2 years. Iceberg also will blackspot badly, but it responds well to a regular preventive spray program and is otherwise a prolific crisp white bloomer.
    Easy Goin' is a golden yellow sport of Livin' Easy and is easy care and blackspot-tolerant. Looks great in mass plantings.

  • carolinamary
    11 years ago

    >I would love a recommendation for a yellow or white rose that is very low maintenance in the south and preferably repeat blooms.

    Hi Donna,

    Just one rose? How large? Here are several of different sizes in various shades of those two colors. To find out about which forms and sizes would work in your setting, go to HelpMeFind to search on each name:

    I've been looking for worry-free roses that are shades of yellow or white for some time, and here are some that I like. All tend to be low maintenance; we have a no-spray yard. (But we haven't yet tried them all.)

    In a rough order of ascending height: Rise 'n' Shine, Marie Pavie, Westside Road Cream Tea, Sea Foam, Julia Child, Lion's Fairy Tale, Ducher, Alister Stella Gray, Amazone, Spice, Prosperity, Moonlight, Ghislaine de Feligonde, Snow Goose, Lady Hillingdon, Crepuscle, William Allen Richardson, Lamarque. None of these are above average in thorniness except for Sea Foam, which is very thorny.

    I've tried three versions of Iceberg here and would not recommend any version of it for a no-spray yard where it's humid and prone to blackspot susceptible roses.

    Tiny Litte White Pet works for most people, including on the blackspot prone East Coast, but it hasn't worked well here in too much shade. If you have plenty of sun, a little border of them would be beautiful if they're healthy for you. I've seen a border of Marie Pavie too that was gorgeous.

    Best wishes,

    Here is a link that might be useful: Lookup information on different roses at Help Me Find

  • york_rose
    11 years ago

    Have you considered asking this question on the "Antique Rose" forum? You might find that you have choices among the "old roses" that only grow in the South that are even better for your region than any of the modern roses ever will be.

    In my opinion (one widely shared by others with far more rose growing experience than I will ever have, so far as I can determine) the biggest difference between "Antique roses" and "Modern roses" is that among the antiques it's often much easier to find roses that will grow well in your specific region (especially if you live in the Deep South or the Far North).

  • sherryocala
    11 years ago

    Donna, Bermuda's Anna Olivier is a pale yellow tea rose that's very healthy for me (I don't spray at all). White Pet is very good, too. Etoile de Mai is a yellow polyantha that has been surprisingly healthy. Clotilde Soupert is a very pale pink (in the heat she's basically white, in spring she has a deeper pink center) as is Souvenir de la Malmaison, a great rose here in hot & humid Florida that fades to almost white in the hot months. Mystic Beauty is very similar to Souv de la Malmaison, if not a clone. Alexander Hill Gray is a yellow tea rose that is very nice and healthy. Blush Noisette is white and healthy. I really would not part with any of them.


    Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

  • brhgm
    11 years ago

    Any of the Earthkind roses does well for me. Modern roses like Knockouts and Drift roses are also easy to care for. Polyanthas, Noisettes and Teas can also do well for you. I would add Marie Daly, Cecile Brunner, The Fairy, Mrs Dudley Cross, Lady Hillington and Georgetown Tea. It's not a Modern versus Antique Rose situation. You can mix and match. Go with what you like and what does well in your area.

  • luxrosa
    11 years ago

    If you have room for a climber:
    "Lamarque" is a lovely rose that blooms for more months out of the year than any Hybrid Tea can, due to being evergreen. It has very attractive leaves as well. Depending on the temperature, in a cool spring or hot summer or autumn, it blooms white or yellow. It was popular in the South, and can be bought from Antique Rose Emporium. I suggest you get a gallon sized plant that will grow up more quickly.
    We have a couple where I volunteer and they've bloomed abundantly for years with no care at all.
    photos are at


  • clanross
    11 years ago

    I am in South Mississippi and Marie Pavie (mostly white, tinged with blush) blooms all the time, smells wonderful, and does not grow too big. It's also VERY easy to propagate yourself (nice idea for church fund-raisers maybe???) I grow Reve d'Or (yellow climber)on an arbor and it is easy and lovely. Lady Banks (yellow, disease-free climber)is a once-bloomer, but has attractive foliage all year for me (and no thorns). I also grow a white shrub/climber called "Prom Queen". It wants to grow very large, but I am keeping it pruned as a large shrub. It has white, many-petaled blooms and has a sweet powdery fragrance. There are some modern roses (other than knock-out) that will do well, but most hybrid teas/floribundas that you buy at the big box stores are covered with disease for me unless I spray constantly, so be careful.

  • Donna
    Original Author
    11 years ago

    I thank you, everyone, for this wonderful information. As it happens, I grow Marie Pavie in my yard, as well as Little White Pet. I adore LWP, if only it were self cleaning, but the dead blooms cling to the bush in ugly brown masses and must be cut off: too much maintenance for the church to deal with. Marie Pavie is a nice rose, though for some reason, my bush has never been very full. However, you're right. It's worth considering.

    I am going to check on several of these. Again, I thank you for your help!

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