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How do I successfully grow Impatiens from seed?

15 years ago

Hello again, I just surfaced sown 3 packets of impatiens in Ferry Morse seed starting mix. I took 3 parts mix and stirred in 1 part very warm water.

And then I filled my 72 cell and topped the top of the mix with a little perlite.

I then used a toothpick to sow 2 seeds per cell and then I misted them.

I then took the flat and a 1/2 of newly planted seeds with the domes on top and set them on my industrial shelf under 4 cool white fluorescent tubes.

My question is this, I don't own a heat mat and I just set the flats under the 4 tubes, a day later I checked the soil temp and it was at 85f! I was worried maybe I would accidently put them into dormant mode? I checked them just now after raising and turning off 2 of the tubes with now only 2 tubes with the lights a few inches from the flats with the domes over them and it is now 78f soil temp. Have I already messed up with the temps in the beggining with merely over 85f??? And is the fluctuating temps really messing it up? I never done annual flowers from seed just vegetables. I hope I am doing this well enough to get a very good germination rate but I really am not sure if I will?

Please Please critique me!!!!

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