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Natural fish pond water to garden pond water?

13 years ago

Hi,I need some help. We have been talking about putting in a water garden in our front yard. We already have a natural 2 1/2 acre pond in our front yard, but the area between the front porch and the pond is where we are wanting to add the water garden/koi pond. We wanting to put a small waterfall at the porch that goes to the watergarden pond, and then a stream that would run back down to the natural pond, with a small water fall. We are wanting to use the pond water for this. We did a test pump into a little plastic pond to see how clear the pond water would be, not bad, you could see the bottom of the plastic pond, but it was a tad murky, and we was wondering if there was a good way to clear it up a bit more on its way up to the waterfall or at the waterfall. Any suggestions or ideas would be great!! Thanks

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