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koi keep dying help!

10 years ago

HI I am new to this website, but after recently getting 4 baby koi I had lots of questions and this site seemed to answer a lot of them!
Anyways, I need urgent help. So a week or so ago, I went to a store called Dogpatch Pets and bought 4 baby koi (NOT koi fry) and they were about $2 each.
The next day, one seemed to have vanished. After digging through the rocks we found it dead underneath one (not sure what had happened). The other 3 seemed perfectly fine. A couple days went by and they still seemed fine, but when I looked outside at the pond one day a koi was just lethargically floating around and almost got sucked up by my fountain, so it was of course about to die. After that one died, the other 2 seemed fine, but then three or four days later (which was yesterday) I noticed one of the 2 kept mouthing at the surface and at the walls. The other one wasn't doing that, in fact it kept trying to get the other koi to swim around. Today, the koi kept doing that throughout the morning, but then it suddenly started to flip around and float on it's side and belly (it had SBD), so I quarantined it in a tank, added salt, and fed it peas (although it didn't eat it was soon to be gone). That koi just died, and I really don't want the last koi to die too.
I am a beginner ponder, so testing the water and adding different liquid solutions probably won't work with me... Any suggestions and help please?
ALSO I forgot to add that the second koi to die seemed to have some scales missing? not sure...

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