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Rose rosette disease concerns

After much reading here and on other sites, I am very much afraid that 3 knockout roses that I planted last spring are infected with RRD. I am very worried after reading about the disease as I have been working on my rose beds for 4 years and they are just now getting close to being done. We currently have around 30 roses with about 30 more preordered for this spring. I believe that the knockouts were purchased with the disease. They are the only grafted roses I have, the rest were purchased from Heirloom roses which are gaurenteed to be virus and disease free, so I am fairly certain that the knockouts are the culprits so I am taking them out immediatly, but what should I do about the roses nearby. I have a climbing John Cabot right behind one of them (Within Inches). SHould I spray insecticide in the surrounding area? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

grace e

PS. has anyone recieved roses with RRD from Chamblee, Roses Unlimited or David Austin, I ask because I was considering ordering from these nurseries this year as they offer larger own root roses than Heirloom does.

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