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They Got Me!

15 years ago

Hi - I found the perfect fitting for my plumbing re-do, a 3" tru union swing check valve. I could only find it one place, PondSolutions. As I pressed the send order button about ten alarms went off in my head. No shipping charges, schedules or anything else, no phone.

I remember youreit posting a pond-related rating site and tracked it down. Garden Watchdog related to Daves Garden. Sure enough, every of the many complaints read like what I would have posted.

I don't know if/when I will get my check valve, can't find another like it, and have a vision of my plumbing torn up for half the season. To say nothing of the chance of losing some decent coin.

Caveat emptor. If you don't know a vendor, check them out. And thank you youreit for helping take care of all of us.

dumb and dumber - Mike

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