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Do they go dormant

8 years ago

I have 3 Orchids...2 Phals and 1 Denb=Phal. One of the phals i bought cheaply at Home depot cause someone abused it to the extent it was returned. I bought it and it started to show some new life..if had maybe one or two at the most patiently I am waiting for the roots to increase...the question is if its in a dormant stage now and wondering if I should fertilize it. My Denb-Phal bloomed just once and its not as prolific as a Phal, that is for sure...but it looks very healhty and yet looks like its in a dormant stage...again I do not know if fertilizing would be of any concern at that stage. My other Phal is blooming again and again, 2 new spikes are growing. FWIW, I live in NYC and the plants are indoors most of the 3 seasons.

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