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My 'pet' Bullfrog...

11 years ago

Well, this Bullfrog showed up in early spring and has been here ever since. The frog has basically became tame, since I'm quite often around the pond, feeding the fish, fertilizing the plants, pruning old blooms and leaves, ETC... I've also been tossing in a lot of grasshoppers since they have taken over my flowerbeds this year... it started swimming up to me when I would be feeding the fish or working around the pond... eventually, right up to my hand and then I would put out my hand it it would climb right up into my hand! Strange indeed! It's been there since it was very small. Anyone else experience a "friendly frog" like this one? Also... I "thought" this might be a female by the look of the circle beside it's eye, it was the same size as it's eye... but now, it seems to be a little bit larger than it's eye. ???

Here's a photo from today taken by my wife with her Nikon...


Here's one my daughter took a few days ago with her ipod.


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