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Tips on moving an established Mme. Isaac Pereire

10 years ago

Okay, typical newbie gardener mistake here! Last spring I planted a Madame Isaac Pereire too close to a walkway. It was only an 8-inch tall rooted cutting at the time, and for some reason I thought four feet away from the path would give it plenty of room. Boy, was I ever wrong. I can already tell this thing is going to become a thorny monster in this location. Its canes are as tall as I am now (5 foot) and it's spilling over onto the walkway.

So, a few questions: First, will it permanently destroy the rose's shape by trimming back its canes so as not to lose an eye in the digging-up process? I was thinking of lopping them off to about 18 inches! Second, can I replant this area with a more mannerly growing rose after I move Mme. Isaac Pereire? And lastly, just how enormous will this thing get in my zone 7b garden? I must've read the wrong size estimate when I planted her.

By the way, to compound my mistake, I believe that this rose is going to turn into a blackspot liability for me. Its foliage was perfect for me this year, but I've heard horror stories about people growing this rose and other Bourbons in hot humid (fungus prone) areas. Any preemptive measures I can take? Would prefer as non-toxic a method of control as possible, and I don't mind a little blackspot--I just don't want to see the whole thing defoliated by midsummer.

Please help me if you can. I'm fairly new to this!


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