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Tons of tiny little seedlings out of nowhere!

10 years ago

So i'm trying my hand at growing herbs from seed on my apartment balcony. Turns out im a bit of a black thumb though :( i seem to kill more than i grow!

Well i tried growing some lemon balm and i got one sprout out of it. but then, somehow, i got a sprout of lavender too! no idea how he got into this pot...but oh well, ill take what i can get :D

but then, all of a sudden, i look at the pot, and see this!


tons and tons of little tiny seedings out of nowhere! this is the only pot they're in (there might be 3 or 4 of them in another pot, but i cant quite tell if its the same seedlings). AND im on the third floor balcony of an apartment. no idea how anything could get up here.

any idea what they are?

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