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Help a Newbie- how do I start bell and hot peppers from seed ?

12 years ago

So, I have used peat pellets in the past with great results, but this is my first year to try and grow peppers. On all of the pepper seed packets, it states clearly to not use peat pellets. I know this may seem stupid, but what should I use. I looked at potting mixes at Lowe's today, and they all have peat in them. Should I just use soil that I dig up from outside and put it in a little pot(s)? If you suggest I do that, do I need to fertilize it at all? If so, what should I use? I need specifics about everything, because I know next to nothing. Thanks in advance for your help. Also, if this has already been answered, please post a link to the post- I did do a search, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for- Thanks!

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