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What have you shoveled that you now miss?

Sometimes I see a rose name mentioned and think, "Oh yeah, I had that one at one time. Forgot all about it..." Meaning that I had it and got rid of it with no regrets and not even much memory of it.

But there are a few I have dug up and discarded or given away that I wish I had not.

'Sharifa Asma', which had terrible RMV, so much so people would ask me for the name of my variegated rose. It wasn't as vigorous as it should have been, so I dug it out. Always meant to get another, healthier copy, but somehow have not. Another was 'Sonia Rykiel', which had the most beautiful flowers ever. I had it in a bad location, and should have moved it instead of dumping it. But didn't, to my regret.

Has that happened to you?

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