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HELP! Don't know what to do about this pond/bog mess!

14 years ago

I purchased a 14 acre property last year that is landscaped within an inch of its life! The past three years things were negelcted a bit and I'm trying to get things back to their "former glory". One huge problem I'm having is with a large pond, about 7 feet wide by 12 feet long and 4 feet deep in the middle. The previous owner planted water irises along the edge of the pond and they grew underneath the liner and up through it! I'm afraid to just remove the irises because #1 its very difficult to dig them out without falling in the pond and #2 I'm afraid if I don't get every last bit of plant that they will sprout up and grow through the new liner! I've attempted to make it into a bog. I've added peat moss and its now marshy and soggy, but the problem is that the peat moss only fills the bottom two feet, I still have two feet of liner showing at the top and it looks terrible! Its also too deep to really mantain. I can't get down in that hole to plant or weed. Is there any way to get rid of the irises and make sure that they are really dead and won't come up through a new liner if I decide to make it into a pond again? What would you do with a situation like this? Any suggestions??

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