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Why does air pump quit pumping air?

13 years ago

I bought a Super Luft Air pump this spring for my pond to hook up to the diffuser ring on the bottom drain and a diffuser line I have in where the iris are as that area always seems to get algae.

The problem I'm having is the pump starts to run hot after about 3 hours of running and then stops pumping air. The pump is supposed to pump 65 L/Min output is 3.9PSI.

The line to the bd (over the Liner) is about 12 ft weighted black line with bubble defuser line (like a soaker hose) that I got from a pond aeration company. Water is 42" deep.

I have a AP50 pump but it really gets the water boiling and is noisy.

I'm thinking of taking the Luft pump back to Big Al's as either it's hooped or not right pump for pond. Also with the waterfall aeration which is pretty bubbly adding the aeration on the bd agitates the water alot for waterlilies.

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