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How long will it take for green water to clear?

13 years ago

Our pond was starting to look a bit green. There is algae on the walls of the pond and the water was slowly getting green. We figured that we probably needed to change the bulb in the UV sterilizer. We took the bulb out and bought a new one as well as another water lettuce plant. When my husband was taking out the old bulb he broke the sterilizer :(

Luckily he's Mr Fixit so he did repair it but we were without it in the pond for 24 hours. The pond got more green and had no pump running for that time. It's now back up and running with the new bulb. Anyone have any

idea how long it'll be til the pond clears again? Anything else we should

do? The fish seem good. They're all swimming around and are becoming less shy but I can't see the bottom of the pond very well anymore.

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