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Ammonia Spike

15 years ago

For the last 4-5 days I noticed my koi were not eating and acting a bit lethargic.. I tested the water and nitrite was low, ph was around 7.6 and then I tested ammonia and it was 1.0 which is really high. I have done 3 large water exchanges but to no avail.. tap water is testing 1.0 and even nitrites was a higher than my pond water so the exchanges arent helping.. I salted my pond today and added alot of those water conditioners you add when adding tap water which is supposed to remove ammonia, chlorine, etc, etc.. but water is still testing high for ammonia and fish are camped out by the waterfall.. I also noticed I recently had the biggest spawn I have ever seen in my pond, with probably millions of eggs everywhere.. my first spawn the koi ate all the eggs within a couple days but this one the koi arent eating, food either.. need some advice, dont want to lose all my koi..

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