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Addendum to Idyll Pet Thread - All About Boo (photo heavy)

13 years ago

We got this precious little creature when he was about five weeks old.

He was rescued from a roach and rat infested apartment, one of six in the third litter an 18 month old momma had. I caught his blue eyes, said hello, he walked over and licked my ankle, and that was it. To answer the major question up front, Rich is absolutely and unabashedly in love!!!!! We knew all along, right???? LOL


Because of his young age and being not well endowed, at first we thought he was a girl. First vet check concluded that he was assuredly a male, so his name had to be changed from Belle in our opinion.....

We named him Boo after a childhood pet and because he looked like this at age 7 weeks:


As the runt of the litter, it appealed to me that he would be small since we have neighbors visit quite often


He just got cuter


Despite gaining weight, he'll always be "small". Here he is nine weeks.


And here he is today, not happy that I woke him up with a flash, and giving me his "back off" look


How fun is it to have a pet again???


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