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limp leaves on paph what did I do wrong?

15 years ago

I received a mottled leaved noid paph from a friend about a week or so ago. It had scale so I went at it with ethanol 70%. It is planted in a plastic pot with large bark for medium with nothing added (I got it this way). It has 1 new growth and 2 old that have previously flowered.When I got it the pot was very dry and there was evidence of mineral build up on the bark so I flushed it well with water and I put it about 12 inches from a 27w cfl (I can't recall K on these) I have not watered since that first day about a week ago The medium is still very slightly damp about 3 inches in. About 2 feet away I have my 55w 5000K bulbs which light my other plants. The paph was getting some side light from there as well but not much since it was so far. I figured that since the plant had been under lit for a long time this would help accustom it to the light and had planned to eventually move it closer to the larger CFL once it acclimated and when no more evidence of scale was present. This was a week ago. Temps have been 75-80 days and 65ish at night humidity at about 30% (basement) I also have a fan in the grow area to circulate the air.

I checked it the first two days to make sure the leaves were not too warm and them left it until today. I went to check if anything needed water and found that my paph had some very droopy limp leaves (mostly on older growth). One looks like it has a touch of "sunburn" (brown and crispy). (I would swear that the leaves had not been too hot the first few days and the distance had not changed but it looks like sunburn or could it be from the ethanol?) So my question is this are the leaves limp from too much light? From the ethanol? shock from changing houses? What do I need to change and do limp leaves on paphs plump up again or are they like phals where they will stay limp? Could it possibly need water? do they like to stay more moist? Is that the issue? This paph was not in the best of conditions when I got it but I would like to try to help it come back into it's glory. Any advise would be appreciated.


New to growing Paphs (can you tell?) :)

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