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Susan Louise

11 years ago

Does anyone grow this rose? I got it because it was touted as a "repeat blooming Belle Portugaise". It is reputed to be either a sport or a seedling of Belle Portugaise. Well, I had both of them growing right next to each other. SL flowers DO NOT look like BP blooms, although they are pink, and do have a tea rose look to them. The BP blooms are bigger, fuller, more translucent, more elegant, have some light peach color in them, and are altogether more beautiful. So, I am voting for SL being a seedling.

My other disappointment with it is that wile BP grew and grew up to 15+ feet, and 8-9 feet across, and blooms prolifically each Spring, my SL just languished in its shadow. I got maybe 1-2 blooms for the first 3 years, and after that it started to dwindle, and I had to dig it up and put it in a pot to try and save its life. Last year I planted it in another part of the garden where it gets more sun. It stopped dwindling, but now is only about 18 inches tall, new growth sprouting out of the one old main cane, the whole thing is crooked, and looks ridiculous. I am waiting until next year, when if it gets bigger I will try and root a cutting from it, and start over. The incredible lack of vigor of this rose also makes me doubt very much that it is a "sport" of BP.

What do you think? I realize that this rose has been grown very successfully in No Cal. I got mine from Vintage Gardens, so I am presuming that there was nothing intrinsically wrong with the cultivar. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot for your help, as usual -


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