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Come take a stroll in my country garden

16 years ago

We are now in October and the garden still has much to offer.

Miss Kenzie welcomes you to her gramma's garden. This is from last weekend as you can see it was breezy. The little hair clips were gramma's attempt to control it.


Here is another view of the bench she is sitting on. The ash trees are turning yellow and many leaves come down in this garden. The area behind the bench was totally revamped last fall.


An overhead view of the patio garden


Not a lot left in the potager, but the urn looks pretty yet. Beyond the potager is the north grove and the area in between is a functional farm area. DH machine shed is to the left and so the tractors etc circle around in this area. The grain bins are to the right behind the spruces. So semi-trucks are in and out of the area as well. Behind the spruces is the future childrens garden.


Near the potting shed the annuals are still showing off. You can see my latest brick project. It leads up a step into the potting area. To the left is my tropical area.

The hyacinth beans grow up the fence by the zinneas and are my favorite annual vine.


Clematis 'Henryi' also grows on that fence and reblooms nicely in the fall.

Some of the containers in the potting area.

The ornamental peppers line the tropical area, you can see a few along the bricks.


I think I'll start a second thread so this doesn't get too hard to load.

Thanks for visiting!


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