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help, Koi are dying and not happy!!!

12 years ago

10 year old pond which has never had many problems. 14,000 gallons, lots of waterfalls, Zap-20 UV, bead filter, 1,000 gallon containment filter, etc. all high end equipment. Fish are dying one by one, very lifeless. I had the UV light off except for the last week and half while I had to purchase a new pump. Water is still very green. I noticed bubbles coming in from my bead filter since last summer and suspected an air leak. I'm wondering if this is causing 'gas-bubble disease'? I've turned off the 1/3 HP Artersian pump running the bead filter and just running the other (2) 1/4 HP Sequence pumps running the other filter & UV light to see if the fish perk up. pH is a normal 7.8 range, Ammonia and nitrites are both 0. Water comes from our well - should be good! Salt treatment is not helping at all.. Thanks for any help!!

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