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12 years ago

Big event for Casa Lilo

Chapter 1 - weekend

It started snowing early this morning and has not stopped - it is cold, so the snow will stay for a while. Nobody went to town, as a matter of fact, there is hardly any traffic on our road or on 101; I'm sure 101 is closed on the grade just before Willits.

All the cats, except for Sooty, spent some time outside exploring the snow-scape.

Their feet got too cold, so they came in, lolling in front of the wood-stove.

Thought I best do all I can while we have power - it may go off, who can tell.

I am running the dish-washer and shall take a quick shower while it is possible.

Chapter 2 -Monday and today

Yesterday morning the sun came out for a bit and the snow began to melt - sigh of relief - but too soon. It began to snow and snow pretty much all day.

Ron cancelled his Dr. Appt. in San Francisco and his hotel reservation. The hotel is associated with the hospital and didn't charge him a "no show" - that is nice.

Now he has an appt. for 23 December, but maybe not - it depends on the weather.

It snowed just a little over night, but the temp dropped a lot, so this morning frozen snow and brrrr! Cold enough that the furnace came on just about the time I got up, though the stove was warm and the wood alive. I kicked up the fire, fed cats and got Taschi to go out to pee - poor baby, she sank almost belly-deep. Gussie was ready to come in, she was warm, nestled in the straw in her igloo.

Cats went out, but did not stay long.

I had to wear my barn-boots just to cross the service yard - then one of my jammie-legs didn't tuck in and was sopping wet and cold - so I had a wardrobe change, socks, too - I stepped into a puddle of melted snow in the mud-room.

All I can say is: thank God that the power didn't go off -

Tonight temp will go into the low teens - I ask for special blessings for the Power Company - keep the power going, please!

and who knows when I will be able to get out of my driveway!

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