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What would look good with Westerland and Climbing Mrs Sam?

8 years ago

Inspired by Jay's thread on russets, I'd like to hear some ideas of what to place with the orange rose Westerland.I have very mixed feelings about this rose; I've begun to realize that I just really don't much like the bright oranges! I've had this rose for a couple years; moved it up on a hill to a spot where it can't go around clashing horribly with my beloved old-fashioned mauvey- pinks and purples,but it got badly eaten by deer last year (since then I got some fencing up). I'd like to put something with it; I'm thinking dark reds and warm,pale pinks...
And what about Climbing Mrs. Sam McGredy? This is another one I got a couple of years ago (before I realized that oranges were a bit problematic for me). It's never taken off: at first, it was in a spot that I've subsequently realized might be just too exposed to the hot sun for roses. I moved it up on the hill,too, but it, too was gobbled by the deer. Now I'm thinking of moving it yet again, but doing a better soil-preparation job for it this time. Do any of you grow this one? How does it's colour compare with that of Westerland? Any and all opinions are welcome! bart
P.S. I don't want to give up yet on either of these, because I'm not convined I've given them a fair chance.Westerland looked horrendous next to the beloved Mme. Isaac Pereire (WHAT WAS I THINKING????????),but it might wind up being beautiful if placed in proper company...

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