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new to "pond life and maintence with intro to koi" help me please

10 years ago

Hello- boy I'm GLAD I found this site for starters! Otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue you should "treat" your pond! Lol
I've had an outdoor homemade pond for about 3 years with one lonely large goldfish. I just introduced 9 baby KOI about 3-4 inches long. I get attached to living animals very quickly and excited to watch these babies grow! I was nervous at first that my goldfish (about 9-10 inches long x 3 years old) wouldn't accept these new fish-but he has! Just like a momma protects-raises her young! It's so cute to see him/her in action! But anyway, my question to any/all who will respond is: what do I do to start maintaining my pond for a healthy home for my new family members? I've done nothing up to this point. My pond is the shape of a Lilly pad about 3 feet deep-6 feet long and 3.5 feet wide at the widest points. I also have a handmade large waterfall on one end and a very nice pump(don't know specs, but it keeps water clear for the most part and I have to put a special lightbulb in the filer area)! So I thank you sincerely in advance because I know people will respond and help me! I've been reading others posts and so far this site seems amazing!!! Thanks

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