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watercress rootlet grow through Skippy filter medium

12 years ago

Hi, everyone! Thanks to this forum, I discovered skippy filter last winter and made one with my existing preformed small pond. It had worked very well. After running it for several weeks, the water became crystal clear.

I use birdnetting, blue furnace filter(from home depot and lowes) and quilt batting as filter medium, and grow watercress, water hyacinth, parrot's feather on top of the filter.

The water has become less clear lately and it has been over a month since I last cleaned the filter, so I started to clean the filter yesterday. What I discovered is that the watercress rootlet(?) has grown through all the layers of filter medium and made it all the way to the bottom of the filter pond.

Since the watercress has really flourished and spread, there are a lot of rootlets in the filter medium. I think the rootlets will clog/are clogging the filter medium and reduce the effeciency of the filter.

Has anyone seen this before? How have you handle it?

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