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Do you remember your first kiss?

17 years ago

I know this is an unusual subject for a guy to bring up, but while reviewing my life with a good martini and Olivia singing softly to me, my mind drifted all the way back to elementary school to about the second grade. There I was waiting to go on stage in a skit about money wearing a cardboard symbol of a nickel when the girl next to me who was a dime turned to me and planted a sweet kiss right on my lips. Needless to say I was surprised, but very pleasantly so. Sharon was her name and she was pretty then and went on to be a great beauty in high school. Unfortunately that was my first and last kiss by Sharon or anyone else, for that matter, for a long time. She became an adagio dancer, honor student, home coming queen, etc. Me? Well,let's just say that I was there and wound up pretty much with blank space after my name in the yearbook. But, I wonder what she would think of me now that I am the Caped Crusader. So, how about you, do you dare tell us about it?

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