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How long will my plants and goldfish survive out of pond?

16 years ago

So I got in over my head with spring cleaning my pond this weekend. It has been a mess since last summer when the pump died and I just now got around to ordering a new pump (Tetra OFX2000 debris handling pump), and pressure filter with backwash (Tetra PRF-4000).

Anyway, so I'm draining the pond and pulling out what must be close to 100 pounds worth of dead leaves, and my 5 lilly plants (each in a flat wide pot @ 75 lbs easy). One large mess basically.

Anyway, I managed to net about 30 goldfish and about 15 bullfrog tadpoles (there must have been over 100 tadpoles total). So I now have these 45 guys swimming around in a 55 gallon tank with a canister filter (not cycled). It has been raining straight for the last 2 days, so everything is on hold until the ground dries back up and I can continue working. I'm doing 75% water changes in the tank each day day and feeding goldfish food. Hopefully that will allow me to keep then in the tank until next weekend, or?

As for the plants (lillies, water iris and strawberry and cream grasses), I think they will be fine in the shade if kept wet (no a problem right now of course).

Should I be doing anything else while I patch a hole in the liner and get my new pump and filter installed. It will likely be another 10 days before all this stuff goes back into the pond.

Here's a pic of how far I had gotten before it began raining:

And a pick of the poor goldfish and tadpoles:

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