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More pond questions with pictures this time

12 years ago

I posted a couple weeks ago asking questions about how to set up a pond in a preformed pond liner. Well, the more I looked at the liner the more I disliked it. So I've decided to use a pond liner and come up with my own shape for the pond. The plus side is that I can now have a bigger and deeper pond. The down side is I think I'm getting in over my head.

I need to know how steep I can make the sides of the pond. How do I secure the edge of the liner around the pond? Can I use limestone rocks around the pond edge without hurting any fish I put in it? Do I need to put anything between the dirt and the liner? I have a large clump of umbrella sedge growing next to the pond area and know it can be a water plant. Is it's roots likely to go through the pond liner trying to get to the water?

I don't plan on putting in a waterfall but I will have a water spitter, one that's shaped like a fish.

I haven't bought the liner or pump yet. I want to wait until I've finished digging and know the final size of the pond before I order them.

Here's some pictures of the pond in progress and the surrounding garden as well as some of the raw materials I have on hand to use around the pond. Any advise or suggestions would be very welcome.







I have a lot of limestone rocks so I would really like to use this around the pond if possible.


This is fieldstone thats leftover from when I redid the front sidewalk but I don't have much of it left.


I also have several piles of river rock that were given to me by a friend.

Thank you,


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