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Dirty pond + snails?

13 years ago


I've got a friend who consulted me to help clean her pond. The bottom of the pond was full of leaf litter from a nearby oak. After removing the leaves from both the pond and the circulatory stream/waterfall along with some algae all the sediment it kicked up has now settled everywhere on the stones and this along with some residual algae on the stones is making the pond look filthy.

My question is what is the best natural method to clean a pond of this problem as thoroughly as possible? One problem may be that there is a limited ecosystem. Remain calm... but in the past she had run bleach through the pond to keep it clean of algae, as a result there are only a few frogs in there perhaps only surviving as the bleach is slowly filtered out. I quickly scolded her for her actions and it wont be a method used in the future.

This leads me to question 2. I noticed for the first time yesterday that there are hundreds upon hundreds of tiny snails lining the surface stones. Perhaps its that I never noticed but it appears to be a recent development. My initial thought is that this is a healthy development but the number and likely haste with which they appeared makes me concerned it could be an invasion. Any thoughts or action required?

Thank you.

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