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cattleya orchids keeps rotting new shoots that come up

9 years ago

Hi everyone my name is velleta, I am new to the orchid forum but not gardenweb,I have been growing orchids for a while but I seem to be having a problem with my catts and dens. Whenever they send out new side shoots they just turn black and die I fertilize with 20-20-20 about three times per month and then I flush once per month. They get western exposure sun direct shaded by a thin mesh and I don't over water, about every 7-10days. My catts are potted in coconut bark and charcoal, and my dens in stone. Could some please try and help me. I have also noticed that on the catts the older stalks the leaves start to rot where they connect and then fall off. I have to be removing the entire stalks. I have posted a pic. So please any help would be appreciated. Velleta

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