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New to Vanda - potting media question

15 years ago

hi! my usual preference is foliage houseplants (my mom is the orchid fanatic), but my bf just surprised me with a vanda ascocenda. it came bare-root in a small plastic basket, and the roots are entwined in the basket and MASSIVE.

i watered the roots until they turned green. my question is this - is potting media REALLY necessary? can i just leave the vanda in the basket (i really don't want to disturb the roots as they look wonderfully healthy and look like they would be impossible to separate from the basket). also, i am a recovering overwaterer, so i like the idea of NOT having media, since it will reduce overwatering.

my only dilemma in leaving the plant bare root is that the roots are hanging out of the bottom so much that the basket can't stand on it's on. could i place the basket inside a decorative pot?

i'm in alabama, so light and humidity won't be a problem at all. i don't know what to do about fertilizer, either.

so, please - give me all the info i need to keep my vanda alive. thank you SO much!!

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