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Buff Beauty, Some Austins, and other beauties

dublinbay z6 (KS)
10 years ago

Here's what is bursting into bloom now in my garden. I do believe I am becoming completely spoiled with this 6-weeks early blooming bonanza going on out there. Love it!

Buff Beauty (hybrid musk)--you may have heard her sad story. Crushed by a giant oak tree branch--had to be pruned practically to the ground the damage was so extensive--has never fully recovered in terms of size, but still pumps out the loveliest blooms.


Buff Beauty -- close up.


Buff Beauty -- another view. Isn't she lovely and courageous? And do you see my guardian gargoyle lurking near her feet?


Pretty Jessica--This Austin is a short cutie. Such packed blooms!


Pretty Jessica--another view


Mortimer Sackler--this Austin gets better and better each year.


Mortimer Sackler--alternate view. These blooms get larger each day they are open.


Queen of Sweden--an Austin--always gracious and lovely


Molineux--one of my favorite Austins. You may have seen this photo and the previous one over on the Rose Gallery also.


Mayflower--a good reliable Austin--just starting to open in this photo.


Anne Boleyn--another shorter Austin. Such delicate pastels with a hint of apricot, a touch of yellow.


Anne Boleyn--see how delicate the pastels are?


Anne Boleyn--fuller colors here, but she doesn't hold them for very long.


Jubilee Celebration--this is the only picture of her that I took this season. I must start paying more attention to this lovely Austin.


Mothersday--cutest little polyantha. Supposed to sprawl out for a couple feet, but so far just sits there looking small and cute.


I just realized most of these are pink roses. Didn't know I had that many pink ones.


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