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Quarantine tank nightmare & now fungus!

16 years ago

I could really use some advice on this one!

So far:

Large bluegill had/has fin rot.

Put in quarantine tank, 20L, half full.

Unhappy fish.

Added a filter, filled tank completely, fish ate 6 worms and was happy...pooped like a champ.

Also purchased TriSulpha to treat fin rot. Had to remove carbon from filter...TS kills all bacteria in tank.

Ammonia out of control.

Unhappy fish.

Fin rot now joined by its ugly cousin, fin fungus (cottony saprolegnia or whatever it's called...wooly stuff).

Fin fungus is eating quickly and the fish is not well.

Go to pet store..pick up QuICK Cure...malachite green/formalin combo.

Pick up outrageously $$$ packet of Bio-Spira...some live bacteria that is supposed to eat ammonia.

Dumped in the bio-spira, put the filter back in trying to get ammonia back under control (at 2.0 on my test kit).

20% water change (one of a million I have done...also aquarium salt here and there and everywhere). Tonight put in QuICK cure b/c the fungus is aggressive and getting to the meat of the edges showing and he looks bad. Fish immediately looks like he is coughing...I freak out.

Scour the internet and find a remote scientific reference that says that members of the Sunfish family (BLUEGILL) are particularly affected by's toxic to them. I cuss.

Find another reference that says that you can treat sensitive fish at half strength.

Nothing like a 50% water change at 1am, eh?

I get wise and run out to the pond...check the temp...only about 6 degrees diff. between that water and tank water. Test the water...ammonia not present. put back 8 gallons of tap water and 2 gallons from pond, tempered w/ warmer water from tap (yes, dechloring h20) to put more good bacteria into the tank.

SO...ALL OF THAT TO we are now.

He is still cottony but since the water change and lower ammonia (now reading .5), he looks better...calm..breathing right...etc.

What do I do now? My .10 bluegill is now $70.10. LOL I'm not giving him up w/o a fight.


20L tank full

Filter on but carbon out


50% (a little less) treatment of QuICK Cure

Aquarium salt

Mega cottony fins

No body fungus/cottony stuff

Fungus starting to eat into the flesh attaching the fins to the body

Don't know if I should get the antibiotics back in the water too ro not...? Will I need another 50% treatment of quick cure? I'm not even sure if I just leave the quick cure in the water or if i do a water change or what.

i'm tired. lol

I really need help!

Thanks in advance


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